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Bamboo n I for Animal Reiki class infoHi!

I’m Brooke, and I’ve taught online Reiki courses to over 500 people in 60+ countries around the world.

As much as I love to teach the different levels of Reiki – and I love it, I get to spend my days talking about things I already think about all day anyway! – the Animal Reiki course is my absolute favorite.

Animals – there’s just something about ’em.

If there were no animals, life would be so much less colorful. And beautiful. And rich.

Yeah, I guess I kind of like dogs.

Animal Reiki for dogs

And cats. And horses, dolphins, elephants, hummingbirds… you probably get the picture.

Apparently my interest in hands-on-healing for animals didn’t start yesterday, either.

Sending dog animal reiki

I created this Animal Reiki course so you can learn to help animals with Reiki. Although, once you take the class, you may come to the same conclusion I have – that they help us every bit as much.

I filmed the Animal Reiki course in one of my favorite places in all the land – Sedona, AZ.


If only it were beautiful and picturesque, though! :  )

Once you take the Animal Reiki class, you will know how to give an animal a complete Reiki session, how to communicate telepathically with animals, and also how to tap into the full power of animal spirit medicine.

Your Animal Reiki course comes with:
  • Lifetime access to the online video training
  • The ability to share your questions, ideas and experiences with other students
  • A 15 minute conversation with me over Skype or on the phone so I can answer any questions that may arise

You also receive your personalized Animal Reiki certificate with your name handwritten in calligraphy.

online Animal Reiki course training certificate


This class is designed for people who are already Reiki practitioners. The ability to channel Reiki comes from a Reiki attunement, so if you are brand-new to Reiki, you can take the Reiki I class alongside this one to receive your Reiki I attunement.

videos, handouts & guides


An Introduction to Animal Reiki
  • The subtle differences between offering Reiki to animals instead of people
  • How Reiki helps animals physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually


Animals, Reiki and Energy
  • How animals perceive our energetic universe
  • A conversation about whether or not to attune animals
  • How to communicate telepathically with animals
How to Give a Complete Animal Reiki Session
  • A detailed explanation on how to give a full Animal Reiki session
  • An in-depth Animal Chakra Guide
  • A checklist to have on hand when you give an Animal Reiki treatment
How Our "Pets" Help Us Energetically
  • The many ways our beloved animals support the growth of our souls
  • Why our animal friends are our best teachers
  • A conversation with a man and his wolf dog
How to Work with Animal Spirit Medicine
  • A discussion of how our animal guides show themselves to us
  • The various ways you can invite them in and tap into the specific energies they represent
  • Common meanings for different animal totems

also includes


A Guided Meditation to Connect with Animal Spirits

Meet your animal guides with a twenty-minute meditation featuring incredible flute player David “White Cloud” Burkhart.

How to Use Reiki When Animals Leave the Physical World

Learn how to help animals and their families when the animals are getting ready to transition to the spiritual realm.


You are a Reiki practitioner and want to add Animal Reiki to your repertoire. Are you ready for your new clients, though?

You work as a vet tech, veterinarian, groomer, dog or horse trainer, animal massage therapist, wildlife rehabilitator, animal communicator, or in an animal shelter, sanctuary or doggie day care.

Your animals thrill you and you want to understand how to better offer them Reiki in exchange for all the gifts they give you.



What does Lifetime Access to the Animal Reiki training include?

You can sign in to the course and watch the videos as many times as you’d like, including the Guided Meditation to Connect with Animal Spirits. You can download all the Animal Reiki materials – The Animal Chakra Guide, How To Communicate with Animals and the step-by-step reference How to Give an Animal Reiki Session. You also receive your personalized Animal Reiki certificate in the mail, and we talk over Skype or on the phone for 15 minutes or so so I can answer any questions that may come up.

Do I receive a Reiki attunement if I sign up for the course?

No, there isn’t an attunement in the online Animal Reiki class. I created the course this way so anyone can take the training, regardless of their level of Reiki. Even if you aren’t a Reiki practitioner – yet! – you can still get a lot out of the class – insight into how animals think about energy, a better understanding of their chakra system, ideas about how to talk telepathically with them, and the chance to connect with your animal spirit guides in the meditation. But, you can only practice actual Reiki once you receive a Reiki attunement in a Reiki I course, since Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that is passed down from teacher to student during the attunement. If you’d like to receive an attunement, you can take my Reiki I course alongside Animal Reiki. You receive your Reiki I attunement in the Reiki I course.    

Who can I contact if I have a question?

Feel free to email me any time at I’d love to answer any questions you have!


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“I can’t find the words to express how thankful I am that I found Brooke’s Reiki classes. She is a wonderful Master Teacher and also an amazing person. Brooke has helped me in more ways than she’ll ever know. She truly is a blessing to so many people.”

Zuzana Bolen
Reiki Master Teacher and Angel Communicator

“My cat is a different cat after I took Brooke’s online Animal Reiki class. I sent healing to him when he was mistreated as a little kitten. He used to hide in the farthest corner he could find, but now he is very affectionate and loving. Out of all my cats, he is the one who asks for Reiki the most! I am so grateful for Brooke and all she’s done for me and my family.”

Mona Deneubourg
Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive and Chocolatier

“Learning Animal Reiki took my Reiki practice to a whole new level. Brooke took the time to answer all my questions and her love for teaching Reiki is so obvious. I use what I learned about animal spirits and Reiki every time I give a reading. I love Brooke and give her class my highest recommendation. If you have the chance to take her class, do it!”

Bethanny Sage
Reiki practitioner, Dancer and Hypnotherapist

Receive your Animal Reiki certification today!

Lifetime Access
$150 One-time
Animal Reiki Course
Full Details